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Sometimes you have to dig deep. You’ve got to get to the root of something to truly understand what it is: in other words it’s essence. That’s true in life and definitely true of a brand. New brands are born all the time and old brands can lose their way but every brand has roots and an essence.

THE BRAND ROOT METHOD is a methodology created by brand strategist, TV & theatre producer, writer and director Pat Jones. Through her experience telling the stories of both brands and people she realized that basic, key questions are often overlooked when creating a brand identity thus THE BRAND ROOT METHOD was born. It’s a way for brands at any stage to get to their root or core values in order to deliver a strong and clear brand message.

WHO CAN BENEFIT? Any and all brands of any size can benefit - a brand can be anything from a person to a product. The method gets to the root of the brand essence and sifts through the information to create a strong brand message.

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